Rottfan's Rottweilers

Rottfan's breeding is just on the way, our first litter was born January 2014. I have passed the breeder's basic course in 2002 and our kennelname Rottfan's was admitted by the FCI on January 2005. I'm the Code of Ethics Breeder of the Finnish Rottweiler Club and I have signed Finnish Kennel Club's Breeders' Commitment. I belong to the Finnish Kennel Club, the Finnish Rottweiler Club, the Finnish Working Dog Association and the Finnish Dog Breeders Club. Dogs are not only our hobby, they are our way to live. The main reason why we want to breed Rottweilers is our deep love & passion for this wonderful breed but we are also very interested about genetics, blood-lines etc. Our aim is to breed powerful, steady, self-assured rottweiler who is at the same time a loyal friend and a versatile working dog and whose general appearance leads to the conclusion of great strength, endurance, nobility and strong-mindedness. Health is also very important thing to us and according the Program for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases and Defects for rottweiler breeding in Finland both dam and sire will have an official statement of hip and elbow dysplasie and if possible also for eye defects (PRA, HC and RD) before used for breeding. We also hope that we are able to use temperament - and breed suitability tested and/or working titled dogs for our breeding.

We believe that Rottweiler if treated right, is a wonderful and loyal companion and not only a great dog to work with but also an excellent family dog. Beside Rottweilers we have also had some other furry friends like cats and rabbits at home during the years.

My memberships:
Finnish Kennel Club
Finnish Working Dog Association
Finnish Rottweiler Club
Keravan Agility Team
Finnish Dog Breeders club - support member
Royal Canin Breeder Club

Code of Ethics breeder of the Finnish Rottweiler Club

Love is ... black & tan

Dani 10viikkoa

" You can't buy loyalty, they say. I bought it though, the other day.
You cant buy friendships, tried and true. Well just the same, I bought that too.
I made my bid and on spot, brought love and faith and a whole job lot .
Of happiness, so all in all, the purchase price was pretty small
I bought a single trusting heart, that gave devotion from the start
If you think these things are not for Sale:
Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail."